Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dark as Hades

He turned away
Anger flashing in my eyes
Blue as night
Dark as Hades
Come away with me he had said as
had he beckoned me with a ringed finger
Come little child come be with me
I’m really not that phantom haunting your mind at night
Come be with me in my dark paradise
Where all your deepest thoughts come true
Wouldn’t that be nice my little doll he exclaimed as if I was his little toy
Suddenly turning into a father like being
No longer lusting after my very existence instead he looked at me rather condescendingly
And he said come away with me my little princess into my realm of darkness
I need you my dear
Mama won’t be looking long
Don’t worry I love you
Ah the infamous three words that make any man shake in his boots
Yet he pulled them off with such ease
With those words I followed him and Mama didn’t look long
For she knew where I was so she lay weeping on the kitchen floor
She knew that he’d finally come she had tried to warn me those many times before but, I wouldn’t listen and he took me as his bride and mama never saw my face again.
Darkness came that night as I screamed out in pain but mama never heard for she was weeping on the kitchen floor missing me
This brings me back
To those eyes he had stared at me with
They warned me dark as Hades they said but I didn’t listen
Instead I left as they lay with mama lying on the kitchen floor weeping and calling my name.
Now I am in my own hell but I can’t leave no matter how hard I try he won’t let me go
I’m just his toy and I want to be free but how can one leave when there’s so much love to be found

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