Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Virgin Suicides

Like a devil in the night
You came and stole me away
Right out of my safety net
With that fedora dipped down low to one side
Your sable eyes of the night staring me down
In that wicker of light
Mom &Pop asleep upstairs
As I sneak out
Screen door bangin behind me
My finger in hand with yours
Leading me astray into your world
Touching and feeling with our eyes
As music pulsed through the veins of the night
I let go with my Raybans pulled down low
That final song playing on the air
As we go careening through the night
Winding down old country roads
Freedom biting back for the first time
Pulling over we commit treason as one
Why we never came to be?
Seems to be the question on the lips of that willow
in the dark place that remembers those from long ago
Late at night when all have gone to bed but the dead
The wind stops and answers back
They followed each other into the next

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