Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost boy

Haunting me as I walk down the corridors of our Alma Mata
That beautiful jaded shade of green
Staring into the deep yonder of tomorrow
It always seems so promising to you
Going away and never turning back
Running from yesterday’s problems and tomorrows nightmares
Wandering blood coursing through your veins
Restless Spirits they call to you
You ignore you’re head more often then not
Falling for that beating thing beneath your chest
It guides you eyes wide shut into the dark
Blinded by naivety which you confuse with street savvy
Little boy from the South running away from home
No twang coming from your lips
As you shed today’s clothes for tomorrows future
The restless Spirits came and took you away
I now walk the corridors of our Alma Mata alone
No longer haunting me
Green eyes of yesterday

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