Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Live fast die young

Calming me with your sadistic comments
Words spilled to one another
like a coffee cup overturned in the dark
Late into the night we go
Voices raspy and tired and still we go on
Completing one another as the night turns to morn
Haha I say for if you didn’t know me
You’d think we were lovers of the grandest kind
But not us for our bond is the deepest of all
Not romantically involved are we
More or less we’re both kindred spirits at heart
Though I know you would never admit it
Emotion to you is a sign of weakness
Unless it gets you somewhere in bed
Except with me I know you’re real
I see your light buried deep inside
The light you thought was snuffed out long ago
I see it shining in your eyes
I hear it in your voice
I know some day you’ll come back
Shining only like a pompous bastard knows how
Then I’ll just laugh and fade away into the night

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