Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Will Remember You

You won’t remember me ten years from now
I love you and loved you so much
My dear I gave you all that I had
and you gave none
This always seems to be the case
All those nights forever gone
Now my pillows stained with bleeding eyes
To hell with you I say but on the inside I died
Everyone says I told you so
I think I knew that you were bad for me
But yet you were the drug I craved everyday
The needle to my vein
You knew the inner workings of my soul
better than any man ever did or will
I knew you as well
Probably better than anyone else
Or at least thought I did
I loved you despite it all
I will remember you
But I don’t think you can say the same for me
That’s okay you were my midnight dream that never came true
So please don’t come back to me
Just forget my name and all you said
It doesn’t really matter you’re immortalized in my eyes
And written on my heart
She said all this as she closed the casket door
His eyes wide open as he went away
She knew the truth though he left long ago
In a backdoor exit in her heart
Yet she still says goodbye
As we all do even when we realize
The love is gone
She still says goodbye

Note: To, whoever reads this I wrote this a year and a half ago, not about the current situation that has fallen into my hands. I, will say this you were not my "wonderwall" and it's not that you didn't love me I was just too much. I, will remember you and for the record "kid" no matter what I have said I did indeed love you. As, insane and strange as it was I know it was real
I doubt you'll ever read this, but if you did that smirk would slowly come across your face. So, glad to be free from the chains that bound you deep into the ground. I had no realization what I had done to you so again I say goodbye.

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