Sunday, January 4, 2009

Death on a saucer

Unopened pain
"Numb it all," she says
as she looks out the window
into the green
Blue Sky looming down

hard heart to never be RED again
black rains down on me
cliche as it seems
its still all the same
over and over again
fight the good fight
go down fighting
but why?

who cares
She says as she stares out into despair
Sitting in her chair
Caffeine souped up mind

scared of it all
she just wants to numb it way
she points a 45
her own way in complete self demise

maniacally saying,"bang bang"
as she pulls the trigger
slumping down in her chair

never to be remembered
for anything
but a deed that can't be "undun"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) Hey, I'm commenting on your stuff too, so if we're both insane I guess it cancels out. And nothing strokes the ol' ego like a few well-placed comments, so thanks very much for that.
2)This particular piece - 'piece'? is piece right? I'm not sure. poem, obviously, but even that sounds odd. Anyway. This particular one shows off this great stamina you've got going for you, where you can keep up prolonged super-intense emotion without really flinching from it. Larkin-esque. I enjoy it.