Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Like we actually," Come as We are"

The lonely depths of humanism
Filled by alcoholic demise
Shocked by the depths
That one can go down so fast
see each other as one should
but never observe them as they are
idolize them in your own way
put them on that footstool in the sky
but never live in reality
for, even as you sink down
You're still a prince in your own bathroom
sitting there never realizing
everything you've had
and everything you've lost
to your alcoholic demise
but i love you
and always will

My heart aches for you
It really does
That true desperation we both felt
Wanting something more from life
I craved your love
and you wanted to go away
back to something more familiar
like the clinking of ice in the glass
I wasn't enough and I never will be
I hope your happy in your lovely demise
because, I'm in hell without you

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Emotionally raw, but with style. Have I called you Plath-esque before? No that's not really right. I mean, okay, it's got this emotionally charged quality that Plath used to love, but she was so wrapped up in herself that she never really got beyond it. And your stuff has more style than that -'footstool in the sky' and 'prince in your own bathroom' are two particularly sexy lines - verging on the Larkinesque, but then you don't disengage from your stuff the way he did either.
Well, whatever you are, it's nice.

And I've never seen a rotting cake in my life, and now I'm afraid I will and have my dreams shattered.