Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grandeur in the Sky

Leaving me on the step that day
Tears in my eyes pure rage I felt when you left me
On that sunny day in June
That little girl I was then you would never see the person I would become
I loved you so much I broke away from reality that day
I haven't gone back since
Why did you go?
I've asked myself that everyday since you left
"Wish you were here" on repeat on the radio in my mind ever since
As I remember back to yesteryear on the swings you pushing me
Happiness radiated from my being
Like the sun radiating in your eyesI never felt so safe as I did in your embrace
The longing and waiting for that again
Will never be met
For you went to that grandeur in the sky
But you never told me goodbye I saw you as you drove away
Never again would I see your face laughing
Those hazel eyes that you gave my brother
Never again to look so thoughtfully into mine
And with these words I say goodbye

1 comment:

dollyd93 said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father. Yes, you and I are kindred spirits in having lost a parent. It seems you are much younger than I, so my heart aches for you that you had to make sence of such a loss, so young. We can never be prepared for this type of loss.

You write beautiful poetry and show wisdom well-beyond your years. I am enjoying seeing what you bring to your blog. dollyd