Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Heartbreaker Dream Maker Love Taker"

Snow crunching underneath
Feeling the difference on the wind
arms no longer wrapped around

The sting of regret
smoking from above
Realization set in
little boy blue

that you needed more than
just the girl down the hall
with the mussed hair and sapphire eyes
Her loudness makes you cringe

She once was the object of your obcession
Now becomes that of your deep depression
You wanted to be rid of her
Yet, now you don't

So she remains walking on eggshells
Wanting so much to know
that you love her and this is real
and you say it, but do you mean it?

You asked her, "Why did you stay?
Girls of yesterday would not have
done the same."

She simply replies," I put up with this, because I love you
with no bars to reach no restrictions to apply."
The silence at the end hopefully
was one of amazement
and not of pity

To pity the girl who gave her
heart away on a hot Indian summer night
sometime last year

To the boy who wore that stupid white hat
and he was everything she thought
she never wanted
yet he ended up being what she had wanted all along

He showed her what it was like to feel again
to lose the feeling of numbness
which had consumed her for so long

He took her with a guided hand
down a path that only he knew
somewhere along the way
she covered his mouth
and he couldn't breathe

Kisses can't fix everything
and talking would have to suffice
the pretty picture she had painted
began to chip away
until the truth hidden underneath
became painfully evident

Hopefully now with hearts bared
tears shed and everything spilled onto
the floor they can remember
why they were together
"from the beginning"